Products and Services

DIGITECH is providing wide range of products and services to meet customers demand. As we provide business solution we maintain an extensive backward linkage with national and international business entities. Moreover we have a team of development and support facility. Products and services we provide given below-

K7 Total Security

K7 Computing is one of the earliest and most accomplished IT security companies protecting more than 15 million clients worldwide against the threats to their IT environment. K7 is recognized as a leader in providing safe and secure computing experience for home users and as well as enterprise users across various industries..

Security Systems and Personnel Management

We provide different kinds of CCTV to monitor activities in your premises, biometric personnel management system for observing working activities of your employees, security alert systems to protect your assets. By stronger monitor and control productivity of your institution can be enhance significantly.

Customized Software Solution

In this era of technological advancement Computers, PADs, Smart Phones etc are everywhere in your organization. All of these are junks without software. We provide customized software to make your junk productive. Customization is necessary because your demand is your demand. It may not be fulfilled with others demand. So use our support to customize your software and take advantage of IT over your competitors.

Educational Support System

We provide various educational support systems like digital classroom, research lab instruments, computer lab setup etc. Besides providing direct product we also provide training on various module which enables you get expert service.

Scientific equipments

We provide various Accelerometer, Amperage, current, Electrometer, electric charge, potential difference, Electroscope, electric charge, Electrostatic analyzer, Kinetic energy of charged particles, Mass spectrometer, compound identification/characterization, Micrometer, distance, Microscope, optical magnification, NMR spectrometer, medical diagnostic imaging, Oscilloscope, electric signal voltage, amplitude, wavelength, frequency, waveform shape/pattern, Spectogram, sound frequency, wavelength, amplitude Spectrometer, temperature, Voltmeter, voltage etc.

Computer and Related Accossories

We sell all kinds of brand and clone personal computer, laptops, PADs etc. Moreover we supply different accessories related to computer. We offer the best price in compare to quality. Besides products we offer servicing for computer both in particular job basis and monthly contractual basis.

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